"We are changing the Italian food scene in the UK. We believe that Italian cuisine as it is known abroad has fallen too far into  “pizza, pasta” stereotypes.  We want to showcase the young, vibrant and modern Italian food scene, we are serving food from the fast and bustling streets of Italy."

We are a team of young Italian chefs and entrepreneurs. We started out with our food truck in 2018 trading at markets around London, and ever since have been on a mission to change the game. 



SUGO launched back in 2018 in our wonderful food truck! For about a year and a half we were slinging ciabatta pockets filled with Italian goodness out our hatch! Known as the "Good old days" everything was simple. We were finding our feet and learning important lessons to put into practise today! 

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Finally - We had a perminant spot. After a year and a half on the move, we could settle at Vinegar Yard. Not being on the move the whole time allowed us to experiement with new items on the menu as well as refine our concept. Eventually we saw an opporutnity and moved into a fixed unit accross the yard out of our truck. We are still there to this day and serve munch both onto St Thomas Street as well as into the Yard. 

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Sayer Street Front.HEIC


After the success at Vinegar Yard, we were approached by Lendlease to fill one of their units on Sayer Street. This was our first 'bricks and motor'! Something we had been dreaming of since day one! We were due to open March 2020, however, the dreaded 'rona hit first. Eventually opening in November '21, we have been serving SUGOLICIOUS munch ever since :)


With quanitity increasing and projects in the pipeline, it was time for us to upsize into a larger Central Production Unit (CPU). With the help of Daniele and Giovanni (both with no prior building experience) we built our engine room. It is currently operating as a delivey ktichen as well as a our CPU



Opening in August '21, we eventually moved north of the river. Opening a new site comes with its stresses and strains but we pulled together as a team to create our SUGO experience in Camden. At this point we re-introduced the bowls back onto the menu and as expected, they have taken off.

greenwich website.jpg

Opening in September '21, soon after Camden, we launched our Greenwich site. Buried in the Design District, sitting right next to the 02, its a perfect space to grab a meal before your show in the evening. Once again, we try to refine our concept with every new site to create an unforgettable meal at the SUUGS.



We are currently focussing on operations and systems (boring - we know). It's important for us to take a break from launching sites and focus on the current situation. We are calling it 'PHASE 1'. Towards the end of the year we are going to be looking at yet again refining our concept as well as moving into 'PHASE 2' in which we will be getting a plan together with the hope of expadning mid next year ;)