What the streets of Italy have to offer

We are changing the Italian food scene in the UK. We believe that Italian cuisine as it is known abroad has fallen too far into  “pizza, pasta” stereotypes.  We want to showcase the young, vibrant and modern Italian food scene, we are serving food from the fast and bustling streets of Italy.

Quality Quick-Service

Italian street food is what we call Quality Quick-service. This means that although it is good value, informal and fast it is also rooted in the utmost respect for quality.  This emphasis on quality alongside casual is a crucial food philosophy which we deliver with each of our dishes.

Behind the bustling service, our team of chefs make everything from scratch with close attention to detail in ingredients and methods. 

Changing the game

We are a team of young Italian chefs and entrepreneurs. We started out with our food truck in 2017 trading at markets around London, and ever since have been on a mission to change the game. 

Our ethos goes beyond our vision of our cuisine and we plan on bringing innovation to the quick service industry as a whole. Customer experience, sustainability and hospitality are examples of some of the areas we are focused on advancing.

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