ABOUT us 

  "We want to showcase the young, vibrant and modern Italian food scene, and serve food from the fast and bustling streets of Italy."

We are a team of young Italian chefs and entrepreneurs. We started out with our food truck in 2018 trading at markets around London, and ever since have been on a mission to change the game. 

our story


SUGO launched back in 2018 in our wonderful food truck.


For about a year and a half, we were slinging ciabatta pockets filled with pure Italian goodness out of our hatch. We were finding our feet and learning important lessons to put into practice today.

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our first site at VINEGAR YARD

After a year and a half on the move, we found a permanent spot and settled at Vinegar Yard.


Time away from the constant hustle of the truck allowed us to experiment with new items on the menu as well as refine our concept. 


After the success at Vinegar Yard, we were approached by Lend-lease to fill one of their units on Sayer Street in London's Elephant and Castle.


Our first 'bricks and mortar' and our dream since day one. We were due to open March 2020, however, the dreaded Rona hit first. Eventually opening in November 2021, we have been serving SUGOLICIOUS munch ever since.

Sayer Street Front.HEIC

SUGO 82: new beginnings, but the same spirit

At the end of 2021, a Mancunian restaurant called Sugo had trademarked the name and came after us. Though reluctant to change our name, we did the classic Italian thing and dodged the issue simply, by whacking an 82 on the end, becoming the now SUGO 82.


The number 82 in the Neapolitan Tombola game (like bingo but louder and with more 🤌) is known as ‘a tavula ‘mbandita', meaning a table full of food, symbolising family, love and prosperity in its simplest form – a great fit for the culture and values we have at SUGO82.